Hostel at the center of capital

The conceptual hostel ALL MUSIC Mayakovskaya is a suitable space for rest, as good as music from the era of BEATLES and ABBA. It is cozy, hospitable and tasty.


The rooms vary in musical format and style. ABBA and ROXETTE - for a large company. The Beatles - for guys, and Madonna and Enigma - only for girls who will appreciate a large mirror and a convenient place to create beauty. QUEEN - the "king's" room for 4 person. And, of course, NIRVANA - room for your family.


We care that you get enough sleep, so each bed is individually and equipped with a lightproof curtain, your own lamp and a socket! The bed is designed and manufactured by special order. Mattresses only orthopedic double-sided (softer/harder). Needless to say, all the furniture in All Music is from environmental materials. All rooms have air conditioning and Wi-Fi.


In the morning our chef prepares homemade breakfasts, which will energize for the whole day!


The hostel is within walking distance of the main sights of the capital. The walk to Red Square takes 20-30 minutes. In 5-10 minutes the Hermitage Garden, Pushkin Square, numerous boulevards, restaurants, cafes, clubs and shops. Convenient transport location - near the metro Mayakovskaya and public transport.


In the evenings, we traditionally gather and listen to gramophone (shellac) and vinyl records, play board games and arrange "home concerts".


We invite travelers, students, and musicians from all over the world. We will have something to talk about, and we will understand each other, because the language of music unites!


Music Music Musica Musik - these languages ​​are spoken by our administrators without Google translator 😊




We want each of you feel as at home of your close friends here, where you feel good and want to return again!


Sadovaya-Triumphalnaya str., 12/14, Moscow, 127006, Russia     +7(499)553-81-01     +7(999)907-1821

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